There are 2 schools of traditional Thai gold craftsmanship: Petchburi and Sukhothai. The works of Petchburi craftmen feature delicate gold wires entwined to form patterns imitating nature in the form of pine cones, bebjamas, lotus and pikun flowers, cotton leaves and patterns of the hours.

Sukhothai gold ornaments have been inspired by the Thai way of life, nature, and architecture from inlaid works.

Please click on the pictures to enlarge. Note the double S clasp which is one of  the most distinctive features of Thai gold jewelry.

Rattan and bamboo


Rattan with sandy strips

Pale jar

Good luck tiger tail

Pump chain

convex twist

Cat strips

embossed chain

special chain

7 hearts

guava spiral

Pair hanging spokes

rattan cage of gold

a pair of rattan designs

spiralling star